Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our class

We had a great first week.  We are having fun getting acquainted and working and learning together!  This is going to be a wonderful year!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take a Peek Into Our Classroom!

(c) 2012 Jane Phalen
(c) 2012 Jane Phalen

Here are a couple pictures of our classroom.  There is still a lot to do to get ready!

(c) 2012 Jane Phalen

It looks like someone is already peeking into one of our books that we'll read together!

(c) 2012 Jane Phalen

I will see you all on Monday, August 20 at our conference! Bring your new supplies and let's get this school year started!

Owl Watch!

(c) 2012 Chris Phalen 
     Our neighborhood has a family of owls nesting in a big tree.  Here is a picture my son took of one of the babies.  We watched them a lot this summer!  Our neighbor told us that these are called barred owls.  They are large gray-brown owls.  There are three babies but they are looking more like their parents now.


I can't wait to hear about all the things that you saw this summer!